Monday, April 26, 2010

New Product from Soulrun: Camera/iPhone Sleeve

We have a new product, it is a sleeve for a camera or an iPhone. This can fit in your jersey pocket to hold you camera while out on a ride. Without any snaps or velcro it makes it easy to get your camera in and out, plus its very compact. No need to use a case for your camera that is 3x the size of the camera.

They are made out of waterproof material with fleece lining to keep you camera safe and clean.

You can get one on our etsy shop: They are only $12 + shipping.

It's also great for carrying your iPhone in you pocket or bag.

Zeus and I discussing color choices.


  1. Zeus thinks we should make some brown ones.:)

  2. Well a brown guy would pick a brown camera sleeve. And he's got very good taste...brown sounds great!

    Love this product!

  3. Thanks Kate! Last night we went to Wideworld sportsman and I couldn't resist I bought the chocolate lab pin and put it on my purse. Joe made fun of me. I love it!!